The Yogic Breath – Part 2

This pranayama breathing exercise is a fantastic tool for developing concentration and mental clarity.
Extending the length of your breath will extend the range of your life by slowing down your heart rate, increasing feel-good chemicals and reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

It only takes a few minutes to feel the advantageous effects of this simple mindfulness meditation activity, and you can practice it anywhere at any time of day. Learning to breathe and meditate is a skill so it can take a little while to settle into the practice.

Learn the Yogic Breath- Part 1

Tips and Tricks

  • After establishing a smooth and rhythmic diaphragm breath practice, begin to extend the length of your breath to a 3 part yogic breath. Once you can complete a 3 part breath, then graduate to the 6 part breath.
  • Aim to keep the breath smooth and relaxed as you work your way up and down the spine.
  • This breath is best performed sitting or standing in a straight position with the shoulders relaxed and the spine straight.
  • Try this activity for at least 10 minutes for the best results.

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