The Intelligent Breath

The way we breathe gives away a lot about how we think and feel and also how we live our lives, a representation of our subconscious selves, affected by our thoughts and feelings, Your breath is the physical analogy to the way your mind works and how you live your life.

The Breath controlled by the mind, is usually all over the place, as our thoughts and emotions fluctuate throughout the day, so to will our breathing patterns. Because your breath regulates all the functions in your body, from organ function to brain chemistry, an irregular breath could be interpreted as an unbalanced mind.

By Emily Rack

Modify Your Mind

When you directly modify the way you breathe by slowing it down, smoothing it out and controlling the length and depth of your inhalation and exhalations, you are also modifying your brain and body; lowering your heart rate, changing your brain waves, releasing anti-inflammatories into the bloodstream and down-regulating emotional impulses. In this slow down state, your body is able to repair itself, digest food properly, and make decisions that are more natural and meaningful.  

A balanced breath is interpreted as a balanced mind, and with a balanced mind comes a harmonious life. When we learn to control our breath, we can begin to master our minds. Deep breathing practices help to modify our chemistry, balance our hormones and increase our self-awareness. A person that is self-aware is more likely to live a more happy and meaningful existence. Those with little self-awareness are at the mercy of the fraudulent mind, controlled by their senses, desires and emotional urges, impulses and changing opinions. 

Being impulsive or driven by impulse is being unconscious to your mind and it can have a devastating effect on your life. People that are impulsive are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, mood disorders, loneliness and addiction. Without the ability to moderate emotions or regulate behaviour properly, people that are impulsive have very little self-awareness. This leads to poor social and emotional connections and socially unacceptable behaviour, addiction, job loss and possibly compulsive disorders of the minds.

Unconscious to Conscious

Becoming aware of your breath and developing a conscious breathing practice means you will also become aware of your thoughts and feelings. Once you tune into your breath you also tune into your head and this is where you can begin to navigate your own mind, rather than being a slave to it.

This powerful intervention between the way your mind works and the way your body responds by, switching the breath from conscious to unconscious can have the life-changing impact, People that breathe the right way live longer, are healthier, feel better about themselves, are more compassionate, less judgemental and have fewer problems. 

Being self-aware means you are more likely to make better decisions in life, build meaningful relationships, live in accordance with your own values and find happiness in the simplicity of life.

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