It Took The Whole Universe…

Part 1: You, me and everything in between

If you ever have that indefinable feeling of loneliness, hopelessness and isolation, just look to the stars and know that you and I are the same as them and it took the whole universe to make you.

Biologically speaking from the smallest microbe to the largest mammal, all the enzymes that make up our genetics are the same as theirs. Just four proteins referred to as, ATCG, (Adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine are the four nucleotides found in DNA ) are what create the myriad of life on our blue planet.

Our DNA which made up of four main atoms; hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen are elements forged in the fire of the virgin universe some 13.8 billion years ago.  Somehow stardust spread throughout two trillion galaxies, coalesced into finite order to create you.

When we pull apart the universe strangely it too carried the equation of four final components; everything that exists within it, including the planets, people, galaxies, gases and stars is made from tiny zipping particles and they are the up quark, the down quark, electron and the neutrino.

Beyond it’s four tiny constiuents the universe is a field of energy which exists where nothing else can. It moves like a liquid, and it cannot be created or destroyed, has no known origin and does not stop moving. This field of infinite possibility is called the Quantum Field, and the physics that confirms it’s existence are our most reliable model for reality ever.

This field permeates everything in the universe, including you and me. Particles that exist within the field bundle together to create matter and this is where you and I and everything else resides as tiny bundles of particles packaged together floating in a field of energy.

The fact that you and I exist at all is extraordinary, given we are just bundles of energy packaged together, conscious, creative and alive. What makes this aliveness is something of a mystery, how it exists and why, an even bigger one and trying to figure it out may never happen so in the meantime – as the once great Sufi Poet, Rumi said, “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment”…

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