Offical Policies, Documents & Reports

Payment Annual Report 2019

The purpose of the Annual Report to the school community is to inform parents and the wider

school community of the school’s successes, activities and achievements throughout the year, and to

meet legislative and regulatory requirements under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and 

the National Education Agreement 2008.



Our Policies are informed by evidence based research and Department of Education and Teaching

(DET) guidelines.  Our policy and review cycle involves consultation with teachers and parents before

school council ratification.

Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Anti Bullying Cyber Bullying and Harassment Policy

Asthma Management

Child Safety Policy Standard No 2

Child 0 Safe standards and appendix

Child safe 3. CPPS Code of Conduct –Principal Selection behaviour response plan August 2020

Digital Technologies Acceptable Use Policy

Enrolment Privacy Policy

First Aid Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

On Site Supervision of Students Policy 

Prep to Y6 2021 Parent Payments and Policy

Privacy Policy

Placement Policy

On Site Supervision of Students Policy

 School Attendance Policy 2018

School Camps Policy 2018

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

Visitors in School Policy

Volunteer Policy

2018-2021 – School Strategic Plan

Our four-year strategic plan is informed by a thorough school wide review and utilises

evidence-based research to inform school improvement. We know improved student outcomes

are achieved through having high quality teachers in every classroom. To achieve this we have a rigorous

on-site professional learning program for our staff, ensuring alignment of best practice in each classroom.

Expert consultants work with on-site curriculum leaders to engage teachers in professional learning within

their own classrooms, achieving aligned and sustained improvement in practice.

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