Grounds & Facilities

The city meets the country at the end of Kimberley Drive

Grounds & Facilities →

Grounds & Facilities

We are extremely fortunate to be located in a quiet location at the end of a ‘No through road’. There is a school crossing attendant at the entrance to the school and ample parking for safe pick up and drop off.

Our school has excellent facilities – our attractive grounds are extensive and have just been redeveloped. The unique situation of the school in its quiet natural bush setting gives it an almost country feel.  There are basketball and netball courts as well as a football oval and a soccer pitch, two sets of play equipment, sand pits and shady courtyards for passive play.

A ‘Peace Garden’ with a bridge over a dry stone river bed & rocks and logs for seating lends itself to imaginative play.  An ampitheatre enables teachers to take classes outside for performances and outdoor class activities.

Classrooms are grouped around a core building which houses the office, large General Purpose Room, Art Room and Library.

The GP Room is fully air conditioned and used for P/E in the wet and hot weather.  It also houses the Canteen and is home for After School Care which operates before and after school.

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Extending our classrooms into the community

Just Say Peace – Daily Inspiration

Peace is a word that is symbolised and immortalised in the hearts and the minds of everyone in the world as a dove, charity, the olive branch, Buddha in Samadhi and hands being held. Peace in every language has the power to transform hearts and minds everywhere.

Breaking Bad Habits – Mindfulness Changes Your Brain

The more often you repeat a behaviour, the stronger the urge to do it again becomes.

Everyday Mindfulness – Activity Chart

we are a social, spiritual and sensitive species that which requires a place in the community, emotional care, regular nourishment from the earth a connection to Mother -Nature, close friends and comfort from loved ones.

Tears of Shiva – The Seeds of A Mystic Tree

The name Rudrā is one of 1008 names of the Hindu deity Shiva and the word Akśa means tears in Sanskrit. After 1000 years of meditation tears began to fall from the eyes of Shiva in compassion for mankind, the tears became the Rudraksha Tree.

The Nature of Sound – A Guided Meditation

Mother Nature, in all her wisdom, provides us with everything we need to grow and thrive. The sounds made by the natural world are there to help tune the body to the frequency of the earth, the planets and the stars.

Kids Mindfulness Activity – Star Breathing

The ‘Star Breathing Chart’ is a great activity to practice when feelings and emotions get a little hairy and thinking is a bit blurry.

The Ghost Bat – An Australian Mammal

the ghost Bat may look a little bit odd with his super-sized ears, and curios shaped nose but he is still an adorable creature to behold and definitely worth a second look.

The Finger Labyrinth – A Mindfulness Activity

Using your fingers to wind through the labyrinth, you will discover the relaxing effect this fun activity will have on you. Using the labyrinth mindfully enhances meditation, is used as a tool for prayer, ceremony and mindful relaxation.

Colour A Frog Poster – Kids and Families

Colour in your own frog and hang it on your wall.

The Healing Arts – Natural Medicine

The relationship medicine men and women have with the natural world has taken millennia to evolve, and it’s a relationship sustained through custom, respect, and balance. What is sought must be given back, and the peoples of the rainforest acknowledge the finite balance of all living things.

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