Grounds & Facilities

The city meets the country at the end of Kimberley Drive

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Grounds & Facilities

We are extremely fortunate to be located in a quiet location at the end of a ‘No through road’. There is a school crossing attendant at the entrance to the school and ample parking for safe pick up and drop off.

Our school has excellent facilities – our attractive grounds are extensive and have just been redeveloped. The unique situation of the school in its quiet natural bush setting gives it an almost country feel.  There are basketball and netball courts as well as a football oval and a soccer pitch, two sets of play equipment, sand pits and shady courtyards for passive play.

A ‘Peace Garden’ with a bridge over a dry stone river bed & rocks and logs for seating lends itself to imaginative play.  An ampitheatre enables teachers to take classes outside for performances and outdoor class activities.

Classrooms are grouped around a core building which houses the office, large General Purpose Room, Art Room and Library.

The GP Room is fully air conditioned and used for P/E in the wet and hot weather.  It also houses the Canteen and is home for After School Care which operates before and after school.

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