Every week the Chirnside Park Media Team broadcast the latest stories, updates and anecdotes from around the school. In each episode they also feature one ‘character building ninja’ student and learn how they made someone else’s day just that bit better!

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A community resource by Chirnside Park Primary School

Education is so much more than books and pencils, homework and study. Education is life, the experiences we share, the hurdles we overcome, the relationships we build and the lessons sometimes hard won. How we interact with the world, our peers and our parents are governed by what we learn in school as well as from the world around us.

Shared experiences, community and family are fundamental in shaping our children into positive, self-aware and intelligent little people and communication is key to keeping a community together. At Chirnside Park Primary School we believe education should be creative, inspirational and inclusive so we decided to create a specially designed resource centre to keep our families connected.

Packed with creative and fun ideas in health and self- awareness, kids activities, educational resources, school updates and support, Upschool is designed to keep you engaged, connected, informed and inspired to live, learn and play as a happy, mindful and sharing community.

This free and growing resource centre is our way of sharing positive and inspiring messages that we feel will have a direct and positive impact within our community.

Something in here for all ages 

How To Bake A Meditation Cake

Meditation practice is a little bit like baking a cake, it requires certain ingredients placed in the right order, mixed and baked for a set amount of time to get the right result. Without a recipe or the right ingredients, you are likely to end up with mush.

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We know it is possible to hack the nervous system and rewire the mind with the practice of meditation, so if the mind can be reshaped, upgraded and rewired this means our perceptions. physicality, psychology and chemistry change too.
Ages 12+
Science and Meditation, Wellbeing, Mindfulness

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Meditation Vs Mindfulness

The goal of meditation and mindfulness is simple – it is to increase your self-awareness so you can make better decisions in life, it helps you to navigate the mind rather than being a slave to it and helps you to explore different levels of your psyche. It opens the door to deeper self-awareness, self-acceptance and helps to replace negative thoughts and behaviours with new ones that are positive and well-meaning.
But what exactly is the difference?..,

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The Iceman

All over the world contemporary science and eastern introspective practices have joined forces to explore fields of the mind and body previously out of reach. Examining how the effects of meditation, deep breathing, yoga and mindfulness can enhance our cognition, change our physiology, rewire our brain and transform our perspective of reality.

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