We utilise a wide range of technological tools to enhance student learning.
Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and a pod of computers. There are also large banks of laptops and iPads in years 3-6 and in Prep-2 there are class sets of iPads.
A range of engaging software is used to enhance literacy and numeracy learning and prepare students for a world filled with Information Technology.

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Robots and Robotics

Bee Bots

Students need to use their knowledge of Maths such as directions and angles to code the Bee Bots to make them move around in different directions.  They can turn left and right and move forward and backwards.  They can even be programed to write numbers and letters.

Blake and Grace IMG_2170 Number Bee Bot 3IMG_2175 Mitchell.L and Alicia


Spheros are robots that need to be programed to move around.  Students use their knowledge of angles to create certain block codes so the sphero will do things such as making a square or writing letters.