Buddy Program

Our buddy program operates between Year 5 and Prep and in addition the Year 5s enjoy visiting the local pre-school to interact with them.

Building connections between Chirnside Park Primary School and Chirnside Park Preschool. Chirnside Park Primary School Kinder visit!

“I enjoyed reading with the children and listening to all the things they had to say”

– Olivia
“It was really good seeing all the little kids. I think it made the little kids not so scared of school”

– Ethan
“I really loved meeting them all and seeing my old kinder was exciting”.

– Holly
“I loved playing with the kids. We played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf and Hide and Seek’. It was awesome!”

– Jazmin
“I loved playing games and having my “headache” healed by one of the “doctors”

– Kylie
We had so much fun last time, the Prep teachers and Grade 5 buddies came back to strengthen their friendships with the kinder children.