Integrated Units


science2science1science3 science4We link Science and sustainability into our Literacy & Numeracy programs as a means to engage students interest. Hands on activities inspire children to discover things about the world and develop not only their knowledge and understandings but provide inspiration to read, write and talk about their experiences.

Fun With Science

In Term 2, the children experimented with a range of household chemicals and recorded observable reversible and non-reversible changes in substances. They used appropriate scientific vocabulary to describe and explain their observations and investigations.

Each student planned and presented a simple science experiment to the grade. They introduced the experiment and explained what would happen during the experiment. Then they demonstrated the experiment to the group and answered questions from the audience.

Students describe safety requirements and procedures associated with experiments. They explain how scientific knowledge is used, or could be used, to solve a social issue or problem. They describe aspects of the work of scientists and how this has contributed to science knowledge.

Herb Garden


Mrs Attwood has been working so hard with the lovely folk at Chirnside Park Shopping Centre and together ( with the help from all the children painting a tile in the art room ) a wonderful fresh fruit & vegie mural has been officially opened to the public. Grade 3S were invited to work in the new garden and they all got to pot a few herbs to grow at home!



Students learn and appreciate how the world and its people have changed. Students develop an understanding of world history and Australian history past and present to provide them with knowledge to participate as the world continues to evolve into the future.