Foundation (Prep)

In Foundation our highest priority is giving all students a positive start to their schooling journey. We focus on creating a warm and friendly environment that fosters the emotional intelligence and self-esteem of students. We encourage students to identify their own strengths and things that they enjoy.

We also focus on helping students to develop strong social skills and build positive relationships with others. Students are taught strategies to develop greater resilience and receive support from teachers when necessary. Students are encouraged to work together to help each other to learn.


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Level 1 & 2

Grade 1/2 enjoying a excursion at Mont De Lancey Hometead

In Level 1 & 2, we continue to build on the personal and interpersonal skills developed in Prep. These include, building resilience and persistence both within the classroom and in the yard. The Level 2 team uses positive reinforcement and explicitly teaches students to engage in positive and respectful interactions.

The Level 1 & 2 students are fortunate to have the use of classroom iPads. These are used during Literacy and Numeracy, as well as in other areas of the curriculum.

In Level 1 & 2, students are involved in a variety of curriculum-related programs and activities, including excursions, incursions, sporting programs and special celebrations. These have included visits to Chesterfield Farm, hands-on technology incursions, animal visitors, games nights, breakfasts and so on.

The curriculum in Level 1 & 2 is interactive, engaging and explicitly targeted to the needs of individual students.

Level 3 & 4

In Level 3 & 4< we undertake a lot of engaging activities that provide a wide range of experiences for our students. These include our dedicated Literacy and Numeracy programs which continue to build upon the fundamental skills taught in the Early Years.

We have a strong focus on explicitly teaching and encouraging students to make good choices to enhance their social and emotional well-being. Programs such as mPower Girls and Revved Up Boys further enhance this important developmental need by teaching students strategies to deal with conflict.

Students are well catered for in our digital world with regular interaction with laptops, iPads and Interactive Whiteboards.  These are used throughout the day for a wide-range of activities. Mathletics is a fun, interactive program that can be used both at school and at home.

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Level 5 & 6

Grade 5 & 6 aims to continue building upon the Literacy and Numeracy understandings developed in the early years of primary school whilst preparing resilient students academically and socially for the transition to high school. Students are involved in many programs to enhance their personal skills of responsibility, independence and organisation. Enrichment programs offered include Present Yourself (public speaking program), values focus, buddy program (Grade 5 and Prep), transition program, dancing lessons, understanding adolescence and interschool sport.

Our engaging learning activities utilise a variety of technologies including iPads, digital photography, desktop computers, notebooks and Interactive Whiteboards. In addition to using these technologies across the curriculum, students in Grade 6 also combine their knowledge of these devices to create much anticipated Claymation movies.

Students attend a range of educational excursions and camps to complement the curriculum and further extend their personal development. One of the major highlights of Grade 5 & 6 is the camp to Sovereign Hill. Integrating their learning with real life experiences, students spend a fun filled three days at Sovereign Hill.

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