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2015 Prep Transition

Wednesday 15th October

10:00 - 10:45am


Whole School Production

Wednesday 18th September

7:30pm - Oxley College


Prep 2015 Information Night

Tuesday 9th December

7:00 - 8:00pm






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 Chirnside Park Primary School

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A message from our Preps


Prep 2015 Enrolments available now

Tours available anytime, please ring

9727 3466.


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Prep is arguably the most exciting year of school. We have so much fun sharing this exciting year with students and watching their amazing growth throughout the year! We celebrate their great achievements with families at Prep Celebration Day at the end of the year.




What were your favourite moments of Prep?


"At school this year I enjoyed CAFE reading and learning about animals. I have learnt to read and write." Holly


"At school this year I enjoyed doing fruit takeaways and I liked going to the Zoo. I learnt to count to 100.".Ebony


"I liked reading groups because there are lots of fun things, even iPod touches and I love writing." Liam


"I liked playing in the shop corner and playing dress ups with my friends." Olivia


"I like playing alphabet charades and Lego. I have learnt to count backwards and I can read tricky books." Samantha


"My favourite thing about school is reading stories. I am good at making things and making new friends. I can count by 10s and I can read chapter books." Tegan




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2014 Term Dates

Term 1 
29/1/2014 to 4/4/2014      
Term 2
22/4/2014 to 27/6/2014
Term 3
14/7/2014 to 19/9/2014           
Term 4
6/10/2014 to 19/12/2014

Upcoming Events

12th Sept - 5/6 Hooptime at Kilsyth

18th Sept - Whole School Production

19th Sept - Last Day term 2.30pm dismissal

6th Oct - First Day back for Term 3

7th Oct - Gr 5/6 Dance lessons

9th Oct - Division Athletics at Nunawading track

14th Oct - Gr 5/6 Dance lessons

15th Oct - 2015 Prep Transition 10am-10.45am

20th-24th Oct - Prep-2 swimming 12.30-2.30pm

28th Oct - Gr 5/6 Dance lessons

30th Oct - Gr 5/6 Puberty Program

6th Nov - Gr 5/6 Puberty Program

7th Nov - Community sports day at Oxley College

8th Nov - Shopping Tour

11th Nov - Gr 5/6 Dance lessons

12th Nov - Fun Run 9am-11am

13th Nov - Gr 5/6 Puberty Program

18th Nov - Gr 5/6 Dance Lessons

19th Nov - Prep Transition 10am-10.45am

28th Nov - 5/6 Surfing Excursion

1st Dec - Carols Night

5th Dec - Prep Celebration Day

9th Dec - 2015 Prep Information Night

            - Gr 6 Transition Day at Lilydale High

10th Dec - Final Prep Transition Day 10am-10.45am

16th Dec - Grade 6 Graduation

19th Dec - Last Day 1.30pm dismissal